I am not a wuss……….




We got back from camping and they both are wet from their baths. They’re cold.

Finished Project: Soap Bag


Only took about an hour to complete. Easy Peasy.

Time to get a new bed for Maya…..




…… since she’s stealing Jack Jack’s.



Gorgeous place to walk with the dogs. I managed to see a Cardinal and a Blue Jay close up, too. Lucky it was at the end of my walk so the dogs were too tired to scare them away!

Jack Jack is exhausted, yay!

Rob Bell and Don Draper – The Ad Man’s Gospel


There are some great insights in this article. Read it again and again.

Originally posted on Alastair's Adversaria:

I find Rob Bell fascinating.

Sure, I disagree with his theology, but when it comes to engaging communication, the man is virtually without peer.

If you want to see a masterpiece in clever communication, look no further than a promotional video for a Rob Bell book.

This is Bell in his element.


Take, for instance, this recent offering:

The dislocated camera shots.
The fractured statements.
It’s all there.

You start with the evocative image of the Velvet Elvis, reminding you of that summer you read through that book as a teen.

How that book resonated with you at the time!

Rob begins by telling us that a lot of people in our culture ‘can’t do the God-sort of belief system or idea.’ A ‘very, very popular movement’ tells us that this is all that there is. However, lots and lots of people, when they experience vaguely defined…

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It’s funny how things come up in clusters . Yesterday I noticed a bumper sticker with a quote that I never heard before – “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”  – and this morning I see it on one of my daily blogs.  I guess I’ll have to try to ignore the foolish “Fiction” bumper sticker I saw yesterday again.

Love this:

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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20121006_215404 1339206248609A puppy comes into our life, and a beloved cat goes.

RIP China, 1994-2013.  We will miss you.